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Donkor Addai

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Jan 2009

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Jan 2011


Donkor Addai

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The economics of technological innovation for adaptation to climate change by broadacre farmers in Western Australia.


Scientists have pointed out that climate change is unavoidable, to some extent. It is also acknowledged that agriculture is among the most vulnerable sectors to the risks and impacts of climate change (Reilly, 1995) although there is uncertainty about the nature and extent of climate change. As a result, farmers need flexible and resilient agricultural systems to cope with a range of possible changes to climate. Adaptation is therefore an important component of any policy response to climate change (Mizina et al., 1999) and should be a component of any comprehensive policy. Adaptation is expected to reduce the negative impacts of climate change while taking advantage of opportunities that it creates.

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Why my research is important

There are many potential adaptation options available to farm managers. However, there are as yet relatively few studies that assess the likely effectiveness, economic performance, and adoption rates of possible response strategies (Easterling et al., 2007). A key knowledge gap identified in the literature on climate change adaptation in agriculture is therefore the lack of an in-depth region-specific assessment of the likely impacts of climate change and climate change adaptation strategies on production and profitability of the sector. A further gap is analysis of the impacts of climate mitigation policy on agriculture, and its interaction with adaptation strategies. This research seeks to address these gaps.


  • Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) with top-up from Future Farm Industry (FFI)-CRC

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