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Christine Kershaw

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Start date

Jan 2009

Submission date

Jan 2012

Christine Kershaw


Integrating decision support tools into natural resource management investment planning processes


The primary aim of this research is to improve our understanding of decision processes within regional NRM organisations and to explain why investment decision support tools have not been more widely adopted. Surveys, interviews and case study observations will be used to collate data for analysis in a mixed method research approach. Adaptive theory methods will be used to develop concepts and theory about the use of decision support tools in NRM organisations.

Why my research is important

New concepts and theory about decision making processes within NRM organisations will be developed, where no theory currently exists. This research will also seek out new evidence to test researchers’ assumptions that decision support tools benefit NRM organisations and contribute to better environmental outcomes.

The outcomes of this research will potentially influence the NRM decision makers, policy makers and the designers of investment decision support tools. The research could influence the future uptake of decision support tools and provide greater insights into the operation of regional NRM organisations, which might be applied to other aspects of regional NRM organisational behaviour analysis.


  • Future Farm Industries CRC
  • Australian Postgraduate Award

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